4.11. Wireless Authenticator and Authentication Server (hostapd)

The Authenticator is the software running on the wireless access point that translates the authentication and key management protocols between the wireless client (known as the supplicant) and the RADIUS server (known as the authentication server).

The Authenticator and Authentication Server used in SISO is HostAP's [29] hostapd. This section describes the installation on SISO.

Download and unpack the sources.

wget -P $DL_DIR  # was 0.5.5, 0.5.8
tar -C $PRJ_DIR/apps -xvzf $DL_DIR/hostapd-0.5.10.tar.gz
cd $PRJ_DIR/apps/hostapd-0.5.10

Copy and tweak the example configuration file from Example F.2, “hostapd .config”. Compile and install.

install -d $ROOTFS_DIR/var
install -d $ROOTFS_DIR/var/run
install -d $ROOTFS_DIR/var/run/hostapd
install -s -m 755 hostapd $ROOTFS_DIR/usr/bin/

Detailed configuration examples can be found in Chapter 7, Secure Wireless. For debugging start hostapd with switched logger_stdout_level=0 -dd.