4.12. Domain name with dynamic IP (IN PROGRESS)

This guide uses the service to map a dynamic IP address to a domain name.

After the free online configuration, download and unpack the sources.

wget -P $DL_DIR
tar -C $PRJ_DIR/apps -xvzf $DL_DIR/noip-duc-linux.tar.gz
cd $PRJ_DIR/apps/noip-2.1.4

Create a binary on the host and use that to generate the configuration file.

make clean noip2
	./noip2 -C -c $ROOTFS_DIR/etc/sysconfig/noip2.conf

Copy and tweak the example configuration file from Example F.2, “hostapd .config”. Compile and install.

install -d $ROOTFS_DIR/usr/bin
install -s -m 755 noip2 $ROOTFS_DIR/usr/bin/

Copy the configuration file to /boot on the target,