5. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0.12004-11-15CJV
Initial draft release
Revision 0.22005-01-25CJV
Added IPsec based VPN support
Revision 0.32005-02-13CJV
Added Secure Wireless support
Revision 0.42005-02-28CJV
Reorg files and start CVS revision control
Revision 0.52005-03-20CJV
Added logwatch scripts
Revision 0.62005-07-22CJV
Updated kernel and buildtools
Revision 1.02005-09-02CJV
New hostapd and wpa_supplicant versions (0.4.4), additional testing
Revision 1.12005-10-07CJV
Accomodate DHCP on external if, additional testing
Revision 1.22005-11-05CJV
Tried newer kernels, but went back to 2.6.11 for stability. Upgraded to zlib 1.2.3 and busybox 1.01
Revision 1.32005-10-12CJV
Revived WPA WiFi as I moved from a suburban farm back to the more populated Silicon Valey. Simplified certificate import in Windows/XP.
Revision 2.02005-10-15CJV
Revived. Lots of package upgrades, and rebuild SISO from scratch. The balance between binutils, buildroot and the linux kernel is still fragile. I recommend not changing versions unless you have to.
Revision 2.12005-10-24CJV
Switched to Fedora Core 5.
Revision 3.02007-08-25CJV
Switched to linux 2.6.22-4; busybox 1.7.0; fixed type in lib installation to /lib; switched to iptables 1.3.8; hostapd 0.5.8; dnsmasq 2.39;
Revision 3.12007-12-21CJV
Switched to linux; busybox 1.8.2
Revision 3.22007-02-21CJV
Switched to linux 2.6.24; busybox 1.9.1; dropbear 0.50; iptables 1.4; (dnsmasq 2.41; )ipsec-tools 0.7; hostapd 0.5.10. Moved hosting to
Revision 3.32007-04-09CJV
To have a working ^C, instead of using the default /dev/console for i/o (that can not be a controlling tty), explicitly specify the serial line /dev/ttyS0 in /etc/inittab. This prevents the Busybox warning"can't access tty; job control turned off". An other route would be to enable CONFIG_CTTYHACK=y in the Busybox configuration,