1. Key Features

The Firewall, VPN Server and Wireless Access Point on a SBC router described in this document is based on publicly available Open Source software. The artist's impression above symbolizes this open approach [1]

The key features are:

  • Stateful Firewall - offers highly configurable protection for the internal network.

  • VPN Server - lets remote users access the resources on the internal network through their local Internet connection (Windows/XP can connect out of the box).

  • Office Interconnect - combined IPsec VPN server and client allows secure office interconnect.

  • Versatile Wireless Access Point - 802.11b/g (2.4 GHz) and 802.11a (5 GHz) with antenna diversity for extended range at up to 108 Mbps.

  • Wireless Security - WEP, WPA or IEEE 802.11i prevents unauthorized access.

  • Network Address Translation - lets all computers on the internal network share a single Internet connection.

  • Local Domain server - speeds up DNS lookups and resolves local domains.

  • Dynamic Host Configuration server - allows computers on the internal network to automatically configure their network interface.

  • Network Time Protocol server - keeps the clocks of computers on the internal network in sync.

  • Secure Shell - allows secure remote administration of this router.

  • Highly configurable - You have the source code; you can make any change you want.

[1] The HAL for the wireless driver is closed source to meet FCC requirements.